Unfair OAS Benefit Changes

Every senior in this country deserves a raise.

Canadians are wondering why proposed changes to OAS benefits will leave behind those aged 65 to 74. 

Raising benefits ONLY for those over 75 and will not fix indexing problems this government promised to change five years ago.  The relative value of benefits will continue to decline.  Living standards for seniors will continue to fall behind other Canadians, and the gap will grow faster for those between 65 and 74.  Those relying the most on OAS benefits, like single seniors and women, will be hardest hit.

Abandon this proposal and come up with a plan that truly provides retirement security for ALL Canadians.


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  • Joy Babicki
    commented 2021-05-07 21:22:34 -0400
    i couldn’t agree more. I am 67. how is my situation any less needy than a 75yr old senior; in fact, it is more needy. seniors who are LESS than 75 yrs old, are likely more active, cost more to feed, and house, and likelier to have a vehicle to maintain which also costs more. i post the opposing argument; that seniors who are LESS THAN 75 COST MORE, and require MORE help. realistically, and humanely; A SENIOR IS A SENIOR; PERIOD. NONE SHOULD BE GIFTED WITH MORE, OR LESS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  • Erin Carr
    published this page in Issues 2020-02-06 11:48:58 -0500