Unfair OAS Benefit Changes

Every senior in this country deserves a raise.

Canadians are wondering why proposed changes to OAS benefits will leave behind those aged 65 to 74. 

Raising benefits ONLY for those over 75 and will not fix indexing problems this government promised to change five years ago.  The relative value of benefits will continue to decline.  Living standards for seniors will continue to fall behind other Canadians, and the gap will grow faster for those between 65 and 74.  Those relying the most on OAS benefits, like single seniors and women, will be hardest hit.

Abandon this proposal and come up with a plan that truly provides retirement security for ALL Canadians.


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  • Debbie Babichi
    commented 2021-07-21 18:51:09 -0400
    1.i am 68. since covid, i incur over $700/mo in extra prescription costs(that are NOT covered by ‘blue cross’(ab seniors prescription coverage)=presc costs have gone up(up to $25/prescription=over $300+/mo for my over 10presc/mo. plus over the counter meds are +$200-$300/mo because of a transplant i incurred, immunoglobulin i receive, recurring cdiff i’ve had=$200/mo just for needed high quality probiotics i require. in addition, i incurr over $200/mo in transportation costs to/from medical/hospital/treatment appointments. over $700/mo. in addition, i(as is the case with many other seniors who ARE ABLE was, PRIOR TO COVID, working occasionally to supplement my pewny existing pensions(cpp/oas/gis). since covid, i have lost part-time earnings(appprox $500-$700/mo), and incurred +$700/mo in add’l costs, with NO INCREASE IN PENSION, AND NO ADDITIONAL COVID BENEFITS.
    POINT 1. MY COSTS AS A SENIOR UNDER 75, ARE, PROVEN TO BE, IN FACT, GREATER THAN THE COSTS OF MOST SENIORS OVER 75. SENIORS OVER 75, ARE PROVIDED NO-COST TRANSPORTATION, additional relief for prescriptions(here in alberta), and are provided, if living in siupportive living/nursing homes, which MANY/MOST ARE, their meals, and housecleaning.
    I, on the other hand, must pay for transportation to GET food and essentials, prepare the food, when i am able, and pay for the food. many medications are provided, free of charge to seniors in supportive living and nursing homes. in addition, medical care is often brought INTO nursing homes and supportive living residences=no cost to resident/patient. that is not the case for myself. the only exemption from my argument, is that seniorss in nurssing homes, must pay all their income, leaving the resident only $300/mo for incidentals/mo.
    truth/summary and objection to raising pensions for those over 75;
    my costs as a 68yr senior,are over +$700/mo, and i’ve lost approx that much in supplemental earnings since covid, and to present. that puts me at a $1400 loss/mo. NOBODY CAN SAY I DON’T HAVE EXTRA COSTS/MO. i pretty much GUARANTEE THAT NO SENIOR IN A NURSING HOME, AND UNLIKELY ANY SENIOR OVER 75, HAS THIS ISSUE OR LOSS/EXPENSE. NONE.

    !!!! CONTRARY !!!!!!!

    Trudeau’s negligence and near-sightedness has killed off almost half our seniors in nursing homes. What is his goal now? kill off all seniors under 75, so WE NEVER MAKE IT TO A NURSING HOME?

    GEEZ! this is insane.
    appreciate any assistance in your CONTINUING EFFORTS TO FIGHT FOR WE SENIORS THAT ARE 65-75. PLEASE!
    D. Babicki
    Calgary AB
  • Michel Pétulli
    commented 2021-07-21 15:54:49 -0400
    most of us will die before we get the raise in benefits because of not getting enough to care for ourselves properly to live past 75
  • Joy Babicki
    commented 2021-05-07 21:22:34 -0400
    i couldn’t agree more. I am 67. how is my situation any less needy than a 75yr old senior; in fact, it is more needy. seniors who are LESS than 75 yrs old, are likely more active, cost more to feed, and house, and likelier to have a vehicle to maintain which also costs more. i post the opposing argument; that seniors who are LESS THAN 75 COST MORE, and require MORE help. realistically, and humanely; A SENIOR IS A SENIOR; PERIOD. NONE SHOULD BE GIFTED WITH MORE, OR LESS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  • Erin Carr
    published this page in Issues 2020-02-06 11:48:58 -0500