Fair CPP Expansion

With reductions in private pensions across the country, it is well past due that the Federal Government pass sweeping reforms to the CPP in order to make sure all Canadians can retire in dignity. While Scott support expansions to the CPP, Bill C-26 is an incredibly flawed piece of legislation that if passed in its current form, would penalize a large swath of Canadians through no fault of their own.

Currently, CPP benefits are calculated by the amount of years you pay into the program. Thankfully, provisions were passed in the early 1970’s, which allowed for mothers and disabled folks to claim an exemption based on the amount of years they were unable to generate an income. Bill C-26, gets rid of this exception, which will significantly increase the economic burden for a significant number of retirees. Hamilton Mountain MP Scott Duvall is holding the so called “progressive” Liberals feet to the fire on this incredibly important issue.

Do you support a fair expansion of the CPP?

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  • Alysan Rouble
    answered 2018-12-17 10:21:33 -0500
    Q: Do you support a fair expansion of the CPP?
    A: Yes